Posted by: showmestrength | November 14, 2012

Kind Words and Articles

From 11/13/12- Farish A. Jenkins (1940–2012)

From Why Evolution is True- 11/13/12- Farish A. Jenkins, Jr., 1940-2012

From the Boston Globe- 11/14/12- Farish Jenkins, paleontologist, Harvard teacher

Information about a memorial service at Harvard to follow…




  1. 5 years after being a student in Farish’s class at Harvard, hearing about his death brings me back so quickly to memories of sitting in the back row with Matt Kramer. I may have skipped a lot of classes, but never his. He was the kindest most exceptional person and teacher I ever knew at Harvard. He wrote my recommendation to go to veterinary school and here I am 5 years later, working my first year out as a veterinarian. I remember how excited he was for me when I first got in, and how he sent me a postcard from one of his expeditions, written on a piece of cardboard torn off from a cereal box. I am unbelievably sad that the world has lost someone like Farish, and I can only imagine the sadness his family is feeling right now. I hope they can read and see how much he meant to so many people and add this to their memories of him.
    – Rachel Thornton

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