Posted by: showmestrength | November 15, 2012

More Recollections of Farish

Unsurprisingly, the outpouring of support for this remarkable man and his family abounds and paints a tremendous picture of the true and honest way in which he treated everyone he came in contact with:

Letter from his Niece: A Thank You Letter Written On An Old Typewriter

The Node: Farish A. Jenkins, Jr. (1940-2012)

Thomson Safaris: Farewell to Our Dear Friend, Farish Jenkins

Ernst Myer Library: Farish Jenkins (1940-2012) 




  1. Thank you for creating this site and for your kind words. It’s almost impossible to describe why this is such a great loss to someone who didn’t know my Uncle; he was just that unique and unbelievably witty. I am finding it comforting to read all of these other tributes to him. I can only imagine the stories we haven’t yet heard!

    • I can only hope that I can affect but a small number of the hundreds and hundreds of individuals whose lives were impacted in some great way by Farish, as clearly evidenced by the tremendous tributes and packed memorial service on Saturday. Not even during my graduation was that church as packed.

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